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Public Speaking

"Listening to Marissa feels like hearing a friend give you a wake up call about your finances. I think many of us know we aren’t being intentional enough about handling our money, and the world of personal finance is intimidating. Marissa breaks it down and makes it easy to understand. Her own understanding of agriculture makes what she says much more relevant to those involved in this industry. She is engaging and easy to listen to and I would HIGHLY recommend her as a speaker."


Why I Do It

My public speaking passion began many years ago in my 4-H days.  Speaking on topics that I have always been passionate about, that need more education around them, and getting it to the audience that needs to hear it, is exactly where my heart lies.

How I Do It

From day-to-day financial management, to the ins and outs of farm succession planning- and why we need to start now- I can bring a wide variety of topics to your agriculture audience.  How they can save money, increase the bottom line, protect their assets, and pass on the family farm.  Those are all reasons I'd love to speak at your next event.

Upcoming Events

Booking 2023 events now!


March 17th- U of S Beef and Range Teams' Sponsorship Recognition Dinner- Saskatoon, SK.

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