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Does anyone depend on your income?  You need personal insurance.

  • How would the loss of income affect you and yours?

  • A month long hospital stay?

  • Are you strictly looking to save money insuring your debt personally over using mortgage insurance?

  • Let's compare!  FCC Mortgage Insurance- $800,000 coverage- $2496/year   

                                   Coverage through myself- Term 20- $800,000 coverage- $1408/year

                             This alone is smart business!  Better coverage-More money in your pocket!

Keep your lifestyle intact and your finances in place, no matter what.

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Why it's important

A 36 year old husband of 3, is driving home from the auction one afternoon.  It's hockey night in his household and he can't wait to get to the game.  In the blink of an eye, a semi rolls through a stop sign and directly into his path. There is no stopping what is about to occur.


His wife of 10 years answers the call and disbelief washes over her. Grief comes next.  How do they go on? She has children to feed, a farm to run, bills to pay. And her husband is gone.


How can life insurance make a difference in what comes next?  Because she can focus on her children and herself, and how to navigate this next life, without having to stress about how she will pay the mortgage.  Without having to uproot her children because they need to sell and move to a less expensive home.  She can focus on being there for the kids and not going to back to work next week because the bills need to be paid. 


How does life look for you if your spouse dies tomorrow?

Who I Help

If anyone relies on you financially, you need personal insurance.  Making sure those left behind are taken care of, is one of the most important things you can do as a parent or partner. I help business owners protect their debt, parents to leave funds for their children to be raised, and farmers who want to equalize their estate through the use of life insurance.  

How I Do It

The goal with insurance is to make sure you feel secure financially should something happen, while working within your monthly budget.  I want you to see value in the coverage. I work with over 25 different insurance companies and look for the absolute best company, and premium, to fit your needs. From term insurance to whole life policies, and disability coverage to make sure your income is protected, I will find the best coverage for you and yours.

What's in It for You

If you ever speak to someone who has had personal insurance make a difference in their life, you will understand why it is a necessity.  Not having to go back to work after a week, because life insurance is allowing you to stay home and focus on your children, after the loss of your spouse.  Keeping your family and your farm together, because life insurance is allowing you to equalize your estate without parting it off.  Being able to take the time to recover, after a heart attack, because you have critical illness insurance.  There are SO many reasons to make sure you are protected. 

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